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5 apr 2020

Overige Nakijken essay op basis van een gelezen boek. Nog geen ratings


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Ik zit in atheneum 6, en heb minimaal een 7 nodig om er zeker van te zijn dat ik (nu al) mijn vwo-diploma behaal. Het is geen scriptie, maar ik hoop dat het mogelijk is dat een expert mij kan helpen met het verbeteren van mijn essay over een reeds gelezen boek.
De opdracht komt neer op het feit dat ik moet aangeven op welke punten mijn bewustzijn rondom het milieu is veranderd. Aan de hand van 5 lessen/opdrachten (5 alinea’s) heb ik dit gedaan.
Het zou super zijn als er iemand naar mijn zinsbouw, spelling, grammatica, woordkeuze en structuur kan kijken (inhoudelijk is minder belangrijk).


Jetse Kleiterp


Het essay:

Global awareness and sweatshops
In this essay I will discuss the novel ´Girl in translation´ and the assignments we made during the English lessons. In some ways my opinion towards several cases has obviously changed after reading the book.

Firstly, there are many differences between the Dutch and the Chinese culture. An example is the difference in religions. Although China is an enormous country with many religions, still over 50 percent of the Chinese population is Buddhist. In the Netherlands this percentage is around 1 percent.

Secondly, in the book is talked about sweatshops. My opinion about sweatshops is only reinforced by reading girl in translation. It is often claimed that a sweatshop strengthens economic growth, but in my view this fact does not outweigh the situation in which the employees work. The income of the factory workers is well below the minimum wage. Furthermore, employees have to work among degrading circumstances.

I am aware of the fact that, for instance, my jeans is also made by people in a certain sweatshop. Moreover, during the whole production process of my jeans, the environment is heavily damaged through the emissions of factories and the transport. Girl in Translation made me think about these effects, but it does not prevent me from buying new clothes.

Many situations in the book are realistic and some even violate human rights. For example, the behaviour of Mr. Boggart can be called degrading. Not only is he uninterested, Kimberly even gets the idea that Mr. Boggart treats her racially, because she is Chinese. This treatment violates Article 5.

Finally, there are made some interesting decisions in the end of the novel. Kimberly doubts whether she should tell Matt that he made her pregnant. As I see it, Matt should know Kimberly is pregnant at all times. In addition, many people contend that having an abortion is similar to murder. I surely disagree with that assertion, because I think everyone is free to have an abortion.

In conclusion, the novel ´Girl in translation´ has only reinforced my view on sweatshops. In addition, by examining the origin of my jeans, my global awareness has actually changed in a certain way. I became more aware of the fact to what extent I enhance the environmental pollution.

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